Virtual Data Room for Banking

The launch of a virtual data room should make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to access information about the assets of liquidated banks put up for sale.

Virtual Data Room for Banking – Secure Storage of Information

The protection of corporate information has always been of particular interest to businessmen. With the development of information technology, it is becoming more and more difficult to protect confidential information from unauthorized access. In this regard, there was such a development for data protection as a virtual data room.

The virtual data room for banking allows users to comfortably and securely work with documents and share files in a leak-proof mode. Information becomes especially vulnerable after being displayed on the screen or printed – an attacker can take a picture of the screen, make a printed or scanned copy of a paper document and distribute it. The virtual data room for banking offers customizable automated workflows, unlimited email file transfer, full security and encryption, extensive server connection support, and detailed audit reports.

A virtual data room for banking:

  1. provides compelling offers for corporate lending;
  2. cashes and liquidities management, investment management, trade finance;
  3. supply chain finance for your accounting needs.

It is fundamentally important for buyers of claims on loans in the online providers: in addition to a public passport, scanned materials of credit cases indicating the borrower, all information on the judicial and claims work carried out, as well as the financial statements of the borrower, will be uploaded to the virtual data room. The program is designed to automate control over the direction of the financial and economic activities of bank customers based on their operations, the state of customer accounts, the level of risk of legalization of proceeds from crime, the timeliness of updating personal data and their compliance with the real activities of the client.

Which Are the Main Solutions for Banking Based on the Virtual Data Room?

A virtual data room for banking has prepared a special offer for banks on import substitution of foreign software products used to automate retail lending in terms of consumer loans, car loans, mortgages, cards, and other products – to replace foreign solutions. Take a look at the main solutions for banking based on the virtual data room:

  • Solutions based on the VDR increase the efficiency of field collection, management of courier delivery of bank cards, cash collection, and corporate transportation of personnel.
  • Solutions are full-cycle business process management systems. With their help, banks automate the planning of operations, communication with service providers and recipients, and improve the quality of control.
  • The advantages of the solutions have already been appreciated by the largest financial institutions.
  • Offer efficient mobile banking, accelerate transaction processing, and provide personalized account insights to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Increase the flexibility and efficiency of your core banking operations, from taking on new customers and extending loans to payments, lending and collections.
  • Eliminate manual steps to reduce costs and risks.

The use of the virtual data room for banking will allow to gain an understanding of the features of the analysis of financial and economic indicators that characterize the activities of commercial banks, acquire skills in evaluating the effectiveness of the use of banking resources and the level of associated risks, develop the necessary competencies for independent development of financial policies and strategies for improving financial and credit organizations.